Team Organization


The team is divided into a variety of sub­teams, each specializing on a specific aspect of the build season or competition. Most students will eventually find a few areas to focus on based on their interest and abilities.


The awards team is responsible for the record keeping of the team. Members prepare submissions for the various awards such as the Chairman’s Award and the Woodie Flowers Award. They also work with the team to help them talk to judges who walk through the pits during competitions. Members of the Awards Team also work as pit ambassadors.


The Build Team is responsible for the construction of the robot. Early in build season members of the Build Team brainstorm, build, and test prototype ideas. Later on in the build season, the build team is responsible for the final construction of the competition and practice robots.


The Business Team is responsible for the team’s funding. The business team reaches out to local companies and companies in the STEM field to acquire funds through sponsorships and grants. These are then used to pay for robot parts, entrance fees for each competition, scholarships, and STEM outreach events. Sponsors are a very important part to the team’s success and are greatly appreciated by the team.

CAD (Computer Aided Design)

The CAD team is responsible for designing computerized models of the robot and its parts from prototypes. The CAD team creates the ultimate refined build plan of the robot. It ensures that the team has the parts and machining resources required to construct the robot, and provides drawings and insight to machinists to assist part manufacturing and robot construction.


The code team is in charge of all programming done for the robot. Our team uses using the Java language and environment. All software is also shared on the team’s GitHub repository.


Our electrical team is in charge of the electrical design and wiring. This team ensures that all connections are good and that the robot will run smoothly. Besides making sure everything is connected and works right they also try to make sure every wire is managed and organized so we can easily figure out where stuff is being wired to and diagnose any problems.

Marketing and Imagery

The Marketing and Imagery Team is responsible for the use of the team image. They design buttons featuring the team name, number, and mascot. Graphics for posters, business cards, and banners are created by the Marketing and Imagery Team. This team also orders items like lanyards, stress balls, and business cards to give away at competitions. They are also in charge of all apparel.


The outreach team is responsible for planning demonstrations with our robot to help spread the mission of FIRST within our community. Demos happen all throughout the year. The outreach sub­team leader helps organize these events and keeps track of them. They are in charge of the distribution of our “outreach kits”, getting a one page update from demo lead and making sure time line is kept current.

Scouting and Strategy

During a competitive robotics event, the scouting team is responsible for surveying other teams and their robots both on the field and in the pits. Data on the capabilities of the other teams at the competition is collected and considered. The scouting and strategy team creates pick lists so the team can choose the best alliance possible. The scouting team assists the drive team with strategy for matches and interacts with other teams.