2019 - Super Saiyan

In 2019, the game was Destination: Deep Space™. In this game, teams had to place hatch panels and cargo into assigned rockets and cargo ships. Teams would start and end the game on their assigned HAB platforms. The HAB platform had three different levels and the higher a team climbed onto the platform, the more points they would earn. We went to two regionals, the Great Northern Regional and the North Star Regional. At the Great Northern Regional, we ranked 34th and were picked by the fourth seed alliance by team 4009 DNA Robotics. For the second pick in the alliance, we selected team 2077 Laser Robotics. The alliance won the quarterfinal matches but were then beaten in semifinals. Then, the team moved on to the North Star Regional, where we ranked 3rd and were the captains of the third seed alliance along with alliance partners team 3100 Lightning Turtles and team 2129 Ultraviolet. The alliance sadly lost in the semifinal matches, but 2175 won the Excellence in Engineering Award. The team also went to the Minnesota State Championship. We were ranked 17th and were chosen second pick by the fourth seed alliance by team 5991 Chargers along with team 4009 DNA Robotics. The alliance made it all the way to the final and won the first match but lost the last two, making the team place 2nd at state.

2018 - Jumpshot

In 2018, the game was Power Up™, a video game themed game, in which teams control yellow cubes and put them in either team’s Switch or the Scale in the middle of the field to gain possession of the game piece for points. FIRST really “powered up” the strategy in this game, with three power ups available for teams to use once they fed cubes in through their exchange: Boost, Force, and Levitate. At the end of the match, teams would “face the boss” to climb a rung only 13 inches wide. If all 3 teams climbed in a qualification match, their alliance would get a ranking point. At the Lake Superior Regional, we were in rank 42, but were picked by the first seed alliance, team 4539 KAOTIC Robotics and team 3276 TOOLCATS, after showing our skill on the scale during the last two qualification matches. We won the regional together, securing our spot at Champs. At the Minnesota North Star Regional, we ranked 5th, and were chosen by team 3130 ERRORS to form the first seeded alliance, along with team 3082 Chicken Bot Pie. We ended up as finalists for the regional, but won the Team Spirit Award. Then, at Champs, we ranked 40th but were selected the earliest in team history at the 5th pick in alliance selection. Unfortunately, we lost in the quarterfinals as the robot broke after the first quarterfinal match. We also competed at the Minnesota State Championship and got 4th place.

2017 - Crossfire

In 2017, the game was Steamworks™. In this game, teams had to place gears, shoot balls into a boiler, and climb airships. 2175 went to two regionals, the Northern Lights regional and the North Star regional. Northern Lights qualification matches went well and we were selected to be in an alliance with teams 2883, F.R.E.D and 5172, Gators. The alliance won both quarterfinal matches but was then beaten in semifinals. We ended in rank 39, but came home with the Creativity Award. We then headed to the North Star regional where we got off to a great start, doing well in qualification matches, and were chosen to be on an alliance with teams 3042 Cobalt Catalyst and 4663 Cyber Tigers. We only won one out of our three quarter final matches but came home with the Creativity Award again! At MSHSL State Championships, we won 3rd place and had a great offseason, participating in the most offseason competitions in team history.

2016 - Night Fury

In 2016, the game was Stronghold™, in which teams had to go over defenses and shoot boulders into a tower. Teams could also climb the tower for extra points. 2175 participated in two regionals, the Iowa regional and the North Star regional. At the Iowa regional we only made it through qualification matches where we won 4 out of our 10 matches. We ended up in rank 40, but did go home with a team spirit award. We did great at the North Star regional where we won seven out of eight qualification matches and ended up at the #1 rank. We made an alliance with team 3130, East Ridge ERRORs and team 3042, Cobalt Catalysts. We won both quarterfinal matches, won in the semifinals, and in the finals to qualify for champs. We also won the Gracious Professionalism award and the Industrial Safety award. At champs in St. Louis we won six out of our ten qualification matches, and put ourselves rank 24 in the Curie division.

2015 - Stack-a-Saurus Rex

The 2015 game was Recycle Rush™, in which teams had to stack totes on platforms and place recycling containers on top of the totes. They also had to properly “dispose” of pool noodles which represented litter. 2175 competed at two regionals, Northern Lights, and North Star. At Northern Lights 2175 made it to the quarterfinals by winning three out of nine qualification matches. We didn’t make it to the semifinals and ended up rank 27. At North Star we made it to the quarterfinals by winning eight out of ten qualification matches, ending up rank 9. We joined an alliance with teams 4778 Stormbots, and 2450 Raiderbots. We lost both quarterfinal matches, but also came home with the Entrepreneurship award.

2014 - Atlas

The game for 2014 was Aerial Assist™, which had teams shoot a large sized medicine balls into high goals and push them into short goals. If a team shot the ball over the truss in the middle of the field, their alliance would gain an additional 10 points. If all of the teams on an alliance had control of the ball during that cycle, that was another 10 points. We competed at 2 regionals, Northern Lights and North Star. At Northern Lights, we went 9-1 in qualification matches which put us in the first seed spot. We selected 359 and 2502 for the first seed alliance, and the alliance went 2-0 in quarterfinals, 2-0 in semis, and 2-0 in the finals. We also won the Excellence in Engineering award and the Industrial Safety award. At the North Star Regional, we were ninth in qualifications, which got us picked by the first seed alliance. We won both quarterfinals, but lost in 3 matches in the semifinals. We also won the Creativity Award, the Industrial Safety Award, and our own Ines Siepmann was a Dean’s List finalist. At Champs in St. Louis, we climbed to 18th out of 100 teams in the Archimedes division. We were picked in the third round by 399 Eagle Robotics in the 1st seed alliance with 2056 OP Robotics. The alliance went 1-2 in quarter finals which ended the official season for 2175. Then, we went to the Minnesota State Robotics tournament and won the tournament for the second year in a row. We then spent the offseason preparing the robot for Indiana Robotics Invitational, a prestigious offseason event, where we became the 5th seed alliance captain and then lost in the quarterfinals.

2013 - Trap I

The game for 2013 was Ultimate Ascent™, which had teams shoot flying discs into goals and balance on a three tiered pyramid. We once again competed at two regionals —the Northern Lights Regional and the North Star Regional— and did well at both. We were chosen by team 3130, the ERRORs, to be on the second seed alliance. Unfortunately, we lost in two matches in the quarterfinals. Though, the team successfully brought home the Entrepreneurship award for their excellent business plan. At North Star, we did much better. We started off very well by winning the team spirit award and being recognized for our excellent safety multiple times. We were chosen to be on the second seed alliance by team 967, the Iron Lions, and also allied with rookie team 4607, The Coalition of Independent Students. It was with this alliance that team 2175, for the first time in their history, were Regional Champions! Team 2175 then competed in St. Louis at the World Championship! We finished with a 3-5 record and was chosen by the 2nd seed alliance - 2169 King TeC and 3284 4H Laser. We did well, advancing all the way to the division finals! It was quite a great showing for our first time at Champs!. The team then competed in the Minnesota State High School League State Tournament, where we were able to win it all with alliance partners 2052 and 4607. Finally, we were invited to attend Indiana Robotics Invitational, or IRI, where we went 4-6, but was a great experience and our first time there!

2012 - Blue Thunder

The game for 2012 was Rebound Rumble™, which had the robot shoot basketballs into hoops, and balance on bridges at the end of the match for extra points (with the bridge in the middle having to be balanced by both alliances in qualification matches). The team only won two of the nine matches, but was chosen for the elimination rounds, where we lost both of their quarterfinal matches. However, the team was able to balance the coopertition (middle) bridge seven times, which led to the team earning the Coopertition award. At the North Star Regional, the team improved to a 6-3 record and finished out in 15th place and was selected for the 6th seed alliance, along with our shop partners, 3130. Here, the team also won an award, though this time it was the Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox. The team also won the Best Bridge Balancer (B3) award from Team 111, Wildstang, and the Coopertition Award from Team 2220, Blue Twilight.

2011 - The Scorpion

In 2011, FIRST introduced us to the new game LOGOMOTION™. The goal was to bring triangular, circular, and square tubes across the open field and place them on a rack to make FIRST logos. At the end of the match, teams deployed minibots to race up poles for bonus points. Our robot featured an elevator with a pneumatic gripper that could reach all rack positions and pick up tubes from the floor. For the drivetrain, we tried something new, called "Slide Drive," with four omni wheels in a standard tank configuration plus a fifth pointed sideways in the middle, giving us 3 degrees of freedom. Our minibot deployment had a spring-loaded fork for self-alignment on the tower, and its appearance lent itself to our robot's name, Scorpion. We competed at the North Star Regional, where we were semifinalists as the number 5 seed with 1816 and 1652, and the Championship in St. Louis, where we came in 52nd place out of 88 teams in Archimedes division. Mentor Will Preska received the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award at the North Star Regional.

2010 - The Multiplier

BREAKAWAY™ was the 2010 FRC® game. The field was divided into 3 sections by two large bumps. There were 12 soccer balls which could be scored in goals at each corner. In the center of each bump was a tower from which robots could hang at the end for extra points. We built a six-wheeled robot that could cross the bumps safely, score soccer balls with a roller and kicker mechanism, and hang from the tower with a pneumatic arm. It was named "The Multiplier" in reference to the large structural X on the back. We again competed in the North Star Regional, this time joined by our new friends, Teams 3130 and 3206. We also applied for the Chairman's award for the first time. Team member Aren Siekmeier was named a Dean's List Finalist at the North Star Regional.

2009 - Box O'Rocks

In 2009, FIRST® surprised us with a unique game called LUNACY™. Every robot was required to use the same hard slippery wheels on a hard slippery floor called "regolith", simulating the Moon's low gravity and traction. Our robot, aptly named "Box o' Rocks", was built out of plywood and shot the moon rocks from the top into the opposing alliance's trailers. That year, the number of teams in Minnesota nearly doubled, so there were two regional events in Minnesota: 10,000 Lakes and the North Star Regional. We participated in the North Star Regional. Teams 171 and 525 picked us to ally with them as the 8th seeded alliance. We defeated the 1st seeded alliance and then lost to the 4th seeded alliance in the semi-finals.

2008 - Heavy Lifter

The 2008 game was Overdrive™, and involved racing around a track and lifting 40" trackballs over a 7' rack. Our robot was very maneuverable and could move the trackballs up and down with a pneumatic arm. We competed in the first ever Minnesota regional, in Williams Arena at the University of Minnesota. We went 3-5-1 in the qualification matches and were selected to join the 6th seeded alliance with teams 2472 and 1756 in the elimination matches. We defeated the 3rd seeded alliance and then lost in the semi-finals.

2007 - The Fighting Calculator

In our debut year of 2007, the game was Rack and Roll™. The objective was to strategically place inflatable rings on a metal rack and/or lift robots off the ground to score points. Our robot was primarily defensive, preventing other teams from placing rings. We were very successful at the Wisconsin Regional Competition. Our team placed 6th out of 52 teams with our alliance partners 930 and 2039, winning the Regional Finalist Award. We also took home the Highest Rookie Seed Award.