The Slack is the home of all team communication. Due to the degrading reliability of email, this is our best way to communicate critical info and keep in touch throughout the season.

To join the Slack, contact Ben Visness at He will send you an invite.

Once you have joined, please follow these instructions to ensure that you don’t miss anything.

  • Turn on notifications for every message in #announcements. This is the primary channel for important communications, and will not be used for general discussion. Follow the below instructions to enable all notifications on your phone:
Tap the name #announcements at the top of the screen.
Tap the Notifications option.
Select ”Every new message”.
  • Join other channels related to your and your student’s interests. There are many Slack channels for different aspects of the team. Please take the time to browse the list of all channels and join any channels which seem interesting to you, or which pertain to your student’s roles on the team.
  • Optional: set up email digests for Slack notifications. We recognize that not everyone is used to checking Slack. If you wish, you can configure Slack to send you email digests of any notifications you missed. Follow the instructions on Slack’s website, and note that you must follow these instructions on a computer, not a phone.