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2015 - Stack-a-Saurus Rex

Name: Stack-a-Saurus Rex
Status: Active
Weight: 115lbs
Size: 75" x 27" 40" (HxWxL)
Strengths: Separate tote/container elevators
  • Northern Lights Regional: Quarterfinalists 
  • North Star Regional: Quarterfinalists, Entrepreneurship Award

2014 - Atlas

Name: Atlas

Status: Active

Weight: 119lbs


Strengths: Custom shifters (6ft/s and 16ft/s), very fast intake


  • Northern Lights Regional - Excellence in Engineering Award, Industrial Safety Award, Regional Winners (359 and 2502), 1st Seed Alliance Captain
  • North Star Regional - Creativity Award, Woodie Flowers Award Finalist (Jim Irvine), Dean's List Finalist Award (I. Siepmann), Industrial Safety Award, Semi-finalists (967 and 4607)
  • Championship Event - Archimedes Quaterfinalists (399, 2056, 2834)
  • MSHSL State Championship - Winners (2052 and 4778),  1st Seed Alliance Captain
  • IRI - Quarterfinalsts (368, 1477, 233), 5th Seed Alliance Captains


2013 - Trap I

Name: Trap I

Status: Active

Weight: 111.5lbs w/ bumpers

Size: 24in x 30in

Strengths: Custom shifters (13ft/s and 19ft/s), 3 wheeled shooter


  • Northern Lights Regional - Entrepreneurship Award, Quarter Finalists (with 3130 and 1675)
  • North Star Regional - Team Spirit Award, Industrial Safety Award Finalists, Regional Winners (4607 and 967)
  • Championship Event - Galileo Finalists (2169 and 3284)
  • MSHSL State Championship - Winners (2052 and 4607)
  • IRI


2012 - Blue Thunder


Name: Blue Thunder

Status: Frame on Display

Weight: 95lbs - with ballast: 115lbs


Strengths: Custom shifters (5ft/s and 17ft/s), parking brakes, low CG


  • Lake Superior Regional - Coopertition Award, Quarterfinalists
  • North Star Regional - Creativity Award, Quarterfinalists

2011 - The Scorpion


Name: The Scorpion

Status: Frame on Display

Weight: 115lbs


Abilities: 5 wheel slide drive, 2 stage elevator able to hang on top rack, hinged minibot deployer makes lining up easier, fast minibot - able to climb in less than 2 seconds!


  • North Star Regional - 5th Alliance Captain, made it to the semi finals
  • First Championships in St. Louis -Archimedes Participant
  • MN State Fair Participant
  • MRI - Semi Finalist
  • Minnesota Mini Minnie - Finalist


2010 - The Multiplier


Name: The Multiplier

Status: Parted, Frame on Display

Weight: 100lbs

Size: medium sized

Abilities: can kick the balls across the whole field, and can hang at the end of the match.


  • North Star Regional
  • Minnesota State Fair - 1st Place

2009 - Box O' Rocks


Name: Box O' Rocks

Status: Gone

Weight: 110lbs

Size: big

Abilities: turreted shooter


  • North Star Regional - Semifinalists

2008 - Heavy Lifter


Name: Heavy Lifter

Status: Gone

Weight: about 120 lbs

Size: big

Abilities: can lift the yoga balls once then drives around the circle


  • Minnesota Regional - Semifinalists

2007 -  The Fighting Calculator


Name: The Fighting Calculator

Status: Gone

Weight: 120 lbs

Size: Big

Abilities: Great Defense, able to hold both alliance partners.


  • Milwaukee Regional - Finalist, Highest Rookie Seed