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Sine, Our Mascot The Fighting Calculators: FRC Team 2175
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About the 2175 Website

                                                  Front Page circa 20082175 2008.PNG (Hover to see current view)


The Fighting Calculators website was entirely reworked in the 2012 season. The major cause for this update was due to the change in the Content Management System (CMS). Before this major update the website relied entirely on basic HTML and CSS. This was difficult to maintain and hand-off to future team members. The CMS that we are currently using is known as Concrete5 or simply c5. Concrete5 makes web design easier. It does this by enforcing basic standards of code. It also allows team members who do not know much about coding to start with a base of visual web design and slowly move up to HTML, CSS and more complex languages.

                During the initial stages of the website redesign project, many other FIRST Robotics team’s websites were looked at for ideas. Most teams used Content Management Systems such as Wordpress. This would work for what the website needed to do, however it would not be ideal. JR Computer Associates, who employs several team members, along with being a major sponsor, of the team, suggested we use Concrete5.

                The switch solved more problems than we even knew existed. Concrete5 does not require explicit access and control of the webserver which severely limited the users that could manage the website. It also made for more user friendly website.

The original redesign was made in 2012 and led by team member Benjamin Visness. Benjamin, along with JR Corps employee Peter Irvine, built the website from the ground up. No major changes have occurred since, although the website is continually maintained throughout the years exclusively by team members, most of which have strong ties to JR Corps.